New Year, New Classes and More!

2016 is already off to a great start!

I am happy to announce that I have started teaching Level 1 Fitness classes at Belly Blast Fitness in Chapel Hill. I teach Mondays at 12pm.

I'm so happy to be working with my teacher, Jessica Hannan Sultan, who has spearheaded this amazing project, as well as some friends of mine, Cristina, Ayperi and Amal who area also instructors.

Belly Blast uses The Loom (invented by Jessica) to help strengthen and tone the whole body in an inovative way that involves using stretching and resistance via therabands. It is gentle, safe, and extremely effective! The focus is to develop muscles that tend to get neglected and weakened through our daily activities, and help insure optimal function of the body to reduce pain and maximize wellness.

There is an equal focus on fitness and correct technique, as well as belly dance as an art form. The Level 1 classes, (like the ones I will be teaching), focus mainly on fitness, laying a foundation of good technique, and learning the basic belly dance movements that are used in the Level 2, (aka Art of Belly Dance) classes. Art of Belly Dance classes focus more on belly dance as an artform and are structured a bit more like traditional belly dance classes. In these classes, you can learn choreography as well as various props like veils.